How to apply

Proof of Degree

FOR GRADUATES: Please send clear, legible photocopies of your undergraduate degree certificate. Do not send the original, as we are not able to return documents. Where applicable, please also send clear, legible photocopies of any graduate qualification certificates.

Please do send photocopies of further certificates if they are relevant to your application (e.g. TEFL, TESOL, CELTA).

FOR FINAL YEAR STUDENTS: Please send an original letter indicating where and on what course you are currently enrolled. It must be on university-headed paper, signed/stamped by the university or someone with the authority to make it official (e.g. departmental secretary, registrar, tutor). This letter must state the dates you are expected to complete your degree.

The wording of this letter should be as follows:

To The JET Programme,

(First name, surname) is (expected/due) to (graduate / complete their BA/BSc course) on (date/month/year*).

(Signature) (Stamp)

*Please note that it is essential that you are able to prove that you have or will have completed your degree by July of the departure year. We will be unable to process your application if you are not due to complete your degree until after departure.

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