How to apply

Preparing the Application Pack

1. After completing the online application forms, print out all the application forms.

2. Sign all the relevant sections of each form. (Application form, Self-Assessment Medical Report and Authorisation and Release form) Please note that unsigned documents cannot be processed or considered.

3. Make 3 photocopies of the signed and dated application forms.

4. Type Personal Statement according to the JET criteria and print out 4 copies.

5. Make 4 photocopies of your valid UK Passport (picture page).

6 (A). If you have already graduated: Make 4 photocopies of your degree certificate.
6 (B). If you have not yet graduated: Obtain a letter from your university stating that you are due to graduate before late July of your departure year. It must be on university-headed paper, signed and stamped by someone with the authority to do so. Make 3 photocopies of this letter.  

7. Obtain an official academic transcript (that has been authenticated with a university stamp and printed on university-headed paper) which states all of your university course modules and results, including modules yet to be taken. Please make 3 photocopies of your original academic transcript.

8. Obtain two references from separate individuals.

9. If you are a certified teacher or have adequate TEFL/TESL or Japanese proficiency qualifications, make 4 copies of all the relevant certificates. Please note that only 120 hours or over TEFL/TESL course will be taken into consideration.

10. If you have declaired any past or current medical conditions of your online medical report: Obtain the Statement of Physician which needs to be completed, signed and dated by a qualified doctor. If you have any ongoing medical conditions or a history of mental and/or nervous disorders, please also submit a Personal Medical Statement which is a cover letter by yourself explaining your health conditions. Make 3 photocopies.

11. If you have any criminal records (including cautions, arrests and spent convictions): Obtain a Police Reply and make 3 photocopies.

12. If you wish to be considered for early departure: Obtain your completed Certificate of Health (Please contact the UK JET Office to obtain the form), International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) and original criminal record for any foreign countries that you have ever lived in for 12 months or more excluding Japan.

Any costs incurred to obtain necessary documents must be paid by the candidate themselves.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed or considered.

Please collate four application sets following the order listed below and separate each set using a bulldog clip or foldback clip. Please do not staple your application sets. Additional materials should be separate from the four sets. You should send all four sets and the additional materials to the JET Desk in one large envelope.

  1. Application Form
  2. Self-Assessment Medical Form
  3. Statement of Physician and Personal Medical Statement if applicable
  4. Authorisation and Release Form
  5. Personal Statement
  6. Academic Transcript
  7. Proof of Degree (A)Graduates: Photocopy of degree certificate and post-graduate degree certificate if applicable, (B)Current undergraduates: Proof of degree letter
  8. Proof of Nationality
  9. Teaching Qualification Certificate, 120 hours or over TEFL/TESL certificate if applicable
  10. Japanese Language Proficiency Qualification Certificate if applicable
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