Pay and Conditions


JET Programme participants are contracted to local or prefectural governmental contracting organisations across Japan rather than to the JET Programme itself. Contracts last for 1 year starting from July/August of the year of departure and can be renewed for up to 4 additional years by mutual consent with the contracting organisation. JETs usually work a 35 hour week from Monday to Friday.


The annual remuneration is about ¥3,360,000 in the first year. This is sufficient for all normal expenses for a single person including rent, compulsory pension contributions and health / employment insurance.


Participants pay about ¥40,000 per month towards mandatory health insurance and pension fund. This is automatically taken out of your salary in most cases. Accident insurance is provided.


The contracting organisation will help participants to find housing. Rent varies depending on the participant's contracting organisation and location in Japan. It typically ranges from ¥30,000 to ¥70,000 per month.


Return air travel to Japan is provided on condition of fulfilling the terms of contract.


There are 16 Japanese national holidays (as of 2016) and participants are given between 10 and 20 days paid leave. Please note that Japanese schools do not close during the school holidays as many students take extra classes and attend club activities, therefore JET Programme participants are generally expected to attend work during this time. Please see question 15 of the ‘In Japan FAQs’ for more information.


Participants are placed in cities, towns and villages throughout Japan. Candidates can specify a placement preference on the application form, but fulfilment of any requests cannot be guaranteed.

*Conditions of service vary according to the policies of different contracting organisations.

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