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Past Arrest/Caution/Conviction

Applicants with a past arrest / caution / conviction of any type other than a minor road traffic offence (i.e. speeding or parking ticket), including juvenile offences and additional information related to all police matters, must submit 1 original International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) plus 3 photocopies with their initial application. Please note that we are unable to carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check on your behalf or accept any other UK criminal background check in place of the ICPC. Applicants who need an ICPC should contact the UK JET Office after submitting their online form to request a proof of registration letter. You will need this letter to submit an ICPC application to the ACRO Criminal Records Office:

The ICPC should cover at least five years of continuous residency in the United Kingdom. Please contact the UK JET Office if you have not lived in the UK for a continuous period of five years or more. Applicants with a criminal history (excluding the aforementioned exemptions) must also write a cover letter which fully explains the nature and circumstances of your caution / arrest / charge / conviction. Please be sure to include juvenile offences and all additional information relating to all police matters.

Please be aware that that even if cautions or convictions are regarded as spent, it is still likely that they will be recorded on an ICPC. Applicants should ensure that they declare all arrests / cautions / convictions in their original application, even those which they believe to have been expunged or otherwise removed from their record, in order to avoid disappointment in April / May.

All successful applicants are required to submit an ICPC (International Child Protection Certificate) in April / May. Any discrepancy between information provided in a candidate's application and ICPC will result in automatic disqualification from the JET Programme.

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