How to apply

Applying to the JET Programme is a 2-stage process:

1. You will need to complete an online application form first. Please go to the Register page and follow the instructions to complete the application forms online. Please note that online application is only available during the application period which is usually from mid October to late November.

2. After submitting the online application, hard copies of the application forms need to be submitted to the UK JET Office by the deadline. You will need to submit 1 set of original application documents plus 3 sets copies of all the documents. Any costs incurred to obtain necessary documents for the JET Programme application must be paid by the candidate themselves.

NOTE: Any documents other than the designated application forms will not be considered. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. All the submitted documents cannot be returned. It is a strong policy of the Japanese government for the JET Programme not to discuss individual applications, therefore no feedback on any application is available.

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