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Certificate of Health

In addition to the ICPC, applicants for Early Departure most also submit a completed Certificate of Health. In order to complete the form, your doctor will need to perform a thorough medical assessment, including an eye test, hearing test, blood pressure check, urinalysis and X-ray. Please note that as an alternative to the X-ray, you may ask your doctor to perform a TB test e.g. Mantoux test. In that case, please ensure that you submit your TB test results along with your completed Certificate of Health. Please note that it is applicant’s responsibility to ensure all fields are correctly completed in the Certificate of Health, and that a doctor’s stamp and signature is provided.

Applicants for Summer Departure will need to submit a completed Certificate of Health in May or June. In the meantime, it is the applicant’s responsibility to keep the UK JET Office informed of any changes in their physical or mental health status. Applicants are also advised to allow plenty of time to see their doctor as it may take several weeks to arrange an appointment.

NOTE: Any costs incurred in obtaining the required documents are to be borne by the applicant.

Important Note:
The Certificate of Health is not the same as the Statement of Physician. Applicants should refer to this flowchart to clarify the differences between the documents.

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