How to apply

Academic Transcripts

The document must be the original and printed on university-headed paper. It must also be signed and stamped (with an official university ink stamp) by a person with authority to give such information. Please note that original transcripts cannot be returned.

FOR GRADUATES: Please submit the original academic transcript which lists all modules taken and marks achieved. You must submit one original document.

FOR FINAL YEAR STUDENTS: Your academic transcript must also list all modules to be taken in your final year - including those not yet completed/taken. In the case that your university is unable to supply you with an authenticated, original transcript for modules yet to be taken, a letter written by the university registrar or your personal tutor would be acceptable as long as it is written on university-headed paper and hand-signed with a stamp if possible. If in doubt, please contact the JET Desk.

POSTGRADUATE QUALIFICATIONS: Transcripts for postgraduate qualifications are not strictly necessary but are readily accepted. However, applicants with a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree must send the full transcript.

"HEAR" TRANSCRIPTS: Some UK Universities have adopted an online transcript service known as a HEAR record. If your university uses HEAR, it must be printed out, signed and stamped by a person with authority.

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