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Life on JET

There are currently around 400 UK graduates participating on the JET Programme. The range of their experiences is enormous, with placements in every region of Japan. The principles and goals of the JET Programme are the same throughout Japan, but JET experiences vary widely according to the interests and approach of each participant, as well as their placement type and location.

JET Impressions

JET Programme participants Gerry White, Michael Maher King and Amy Reeve gave us their impressions of life on the JET Programme.

Gerry White

ALT Mie Prefecture 2008-2010

Michael Maher King

(Founder of Smile Kids Japan)
ALT Fukui Prefecture 2006-2011

Amy Reeve

ALT Okayama Prefecture 2004-2006


JET Reflections

We also asked a handful of former JETs to take a look back at their time on the JET Programme and tell us about their experiences.

Heidi Graham

CIR Nagasaki City 2000-2003

Malcolm Gibson

CIR Kobe City 1998-2001

Nikesh Mehta

ALT Tochigi Prefecture 1999-2000

Luke Barclay

ALT Fukui Prefecture 1999-2001