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Recruitment Timeline

The recruitment process for the JET Programme in the UK begins in late September/early October for departure in July/August the following year. The application process is co-ordinated with over 40 different countries with several thousand applications processed each year. Consequently we ask for your patience and understanding during the recruitment process.



The application process begins. Online applications are strongly encouraged. Online candidates, please keep your reference number safe as you may be required to quote it for enquiries regarding your application.

The UK JET Desk must wait for permission from Tokyo Head Office to release the application form. Permission is normally received sometime in October.
Due to the large number of applications we receive every year it will take time to pre-screen all applications and to send out acknowledgements. We ask for your patience.

Last Friday of November 6:00pm GMT:
JET application DEADLINE. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

Only your contact details can be changed after you have submitted your application. It is your responsibility to keep the JET Desk updated with your contact details should they change during the course of the application process.

January and February:
ALT interviews will be conducted in January and CIR interviews will be conducted in February. Those who are selected for interview will receive notification of their designated time and date via email. Interview notifications will be sent out progressively from mid-December.

CIR interviews - All CIR candidates are interviewed in LONDON.
CIR interviews are conducted in Japanese only.

Please note that all email correspondence from the UK JET Office will be sent to the address provided on your application form.

Interview results and successful candidates' data evaluated at the JET Programme Tokyo Head Office.

Interviewed applicants will be notified as to whether they have been successful (final short-list), unsuccessful or have been granted alternate (reserve) status. Notifications will be posted to the address provided on your application form.

Both successful ('final short-list') candidates and alternate (‘reserve’) candidates who accept their reserve short-list candidacy, must submit their completed JET Certificate of Health form and Reply Form (with passport copy) to the JET Desk. Successful and alternate candidates must supply their completed International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC). Relevant forms and information will be provided to successful and alternate candidates.

Successful candidates who have lived outside the UK (other than Japan) for 12 or more consecutive months during the last five years must also obtain a Police Certificate from the relevant country/countries.

Following interviews, the JET Desk cannot provide any information regarding a candidate's status prior to confirmation from Tokyo Head Office. We understand that this can be a time of concern for applicants but we ask for your patience.

Please be aware that an International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) can take between 2-3 weeks to process. Candidates should, therefore, start these procedures as soon as possible after notification of a successful application has been received. Any costs incurred must be paid by the candidate themselves.

Participants begin receiving their placement information. JET Programme General Information Handbooks are sent out.

From May onwards:
Reserve (alternate) candidates can be notified any time from May until mid-December if vacancies arise. However, past experience suggests it is unlikely that UK reserve candidates would be upgraded beyond late June.

If a JET participant withdraws after having their placement confirmed, they will render themselves ineligible to re-apply for the JET Programme in the future (exceptional circumstances notwithstanding). Last minute cancellation or withdrawal may cause the JET participant to incur a penalty fee to compensate a contracting organisation for loss of funds.

Early July:
Two-day Pre-Departure Orientation in London.

July / August:
Participants depart for Japan on the day designated to them by Tokyo.

Passports must be submitted at Pre-Departure Orientation for the issuing of the JET Programme related work visas and will not be returned until departure.