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Pre-Departure FAQs

1. I'm having problems obtaining my medical certificate. What should I do?

If you have been short-listed or selected as an alternate (reserve) candidate for a position on the JET Programme and are sent a Certificate of Health to complete, please take it to your doctor immediately. It is the participant's responsibility to make sure that the completed certificate arrives at the JET Desk before the deadline, therefore please allow plenty of time for your doctor to complete the certificate in case complications arise. JET Programme participants are responsible for any costs incurred in obtaining the Certificate of Health.

If you have any problems in completing your Certificate of Health, please inform the JET Desk as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to inform the JET Desk regarding any change of circumstances and to keep updating your information with us.

2. Can I make my own way to Japan in July/August?

Unfortunately not. Participants must fly to Japan on the group flight arranged and sponsored by the Embassy of Japan. You will be informed of the exact flight date and time after the Pre-Departure Orientation in early July.

3. Can I take my partner who is not applying for the Programme?

It is best to act with discretion. Whilst officially this is not a problem, you should be aware that this issue can be problematic as your contracting organisation may not be expecting anyone to accompany you. In an effort to maintain good working relations with your colleagues, think carefully about how you should handle the situation.

It would be best to have your partner join you at a later date once you have settled in. There are likely to be many welcome parties for you when you first arrive. As the focus will be on you as the new member of staff, your partner may feel left out.

Once you have established good relations with your school and Board of Education or Town Office, it may be best to forewarn them that your partner will join you at a later date. This will give you more time to read the situation and decide on the most appropriate action.

Please note that only legally married couples are eligible for a Dependent Visa. Your spouse may only take up part time employment on this visa. Engaged couples are not eligible for a Dependent Visa. Your partner must find employment with visa sponsorship independently in order to stay with you in Japan for the long term. Without a visa they will not be able to work in Japan and can only stay on a tourist visa for a maximum of 90 days.

4. Is TEFL training provided before departure?

ALTs will receive training in team-teaching during orientation which will be specific to the role of the ALT in Japanese schools.

5. Can I miss the Pre-Departure Orientation at the beginning of July?

No, all selected JET Programme participants are obligated to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation. You must bring a valid passport to the orientation.

6. Can I travel abroad between the Pre-Departure Orientation and departure to Japan?

Unfortunately not. We will be collecting all passports at the Pre-Departure Orientation in order to issue working visas for the JET Programme. The visa takes between 4 and 5 weeks to issue, therefore we shall return your passport to you on your day of departure at the airport.

7. Do I need special vaccinations before leaving for Japan?

No, unless you have a specific medical condition and know that you need a certain vaccination. You may want to consider being vaccinated against diseases prevalent in any countries you are planning to visit during your time on JET. Seek professional medical advice for country-specific information.