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Sel / Int FAQs

1. When will I hear if I have been successful or not?

Applicants will start to receive notification of their application results from mid-December. Unsuccessful applicants are welcome to re-apply in the following year. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants. Interviewed applicants will start to receive notification of their interview results in early April. There are 3 possible outcomes: successful ('final short-list'), unsuccessful, or alternate (reserve) status.

2. How will I be notified of my interview?

Selected applicants will receive notification of their interview time and date via email. Email invitations will be sent to the email address provided on your application form and applicants are advised to check their inbox and junk folder regularly. Please be sure to inform the UK JET Office of any dates that you will be unavailable for interview during January and February.

3. What are the JET interviews like?

The interview is usually conducted by a Japanese national (usually an Embassy official) and a former JET Programme participant. All interviewers have been briefed and are given strict guidelines. Consequently, they strive to be as fair as possible in their evaluation of candidates so that no JET candidate is at a disadvantage. Interviews last for approximately 15-20 minutes and you will be asked to take a written test prior to your interview. Before your interview, you will also have the opportunity to have any questions answered by former JET Programme participants.

4. Can I have my interview at another site? What about a telephone interview?

All JET Programme interviews for UK participants are conducted in person within the UK. Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) interviews are at the Embassy of Japan in London or at the Consulate of Japan in Edinburgh. Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) interviews are only conducted at the Embassy of Japan in London. Interviews for UK applicants cannot be held at British of Japanese embassies/consulates outside the United Kingdom. Please also note that interviews cannot be held remotely (e.g. telephone, Skype) or at any location other than those already specified.

5. How many people from the UK participate each year?

The number of UK participants varies widely from year to year depending on the number of contracting organisations seeking JETs and the number of JETs renewing their contracts for another year. On average, the UK JET Programme sends over 100 ALTs and up to 10 CIRs to Japan each year.

6. I have been selected as an 'alternate candidate'. What does this mean?

If you have been short-listed as an 'alternate candidate', this means that you have been offered a place on the reserve candidate list.

7. What are my chances of getting a place on the Programme as an 'alternate candidate'?

Alternate candidates may be notified that a position has become available for them on the shortlist at any time until December of the departure year. However, past experience suggests that this is less likely to occur after June of the departure year. Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on the likelihood of any alternate candidate being promoted to the shortlist. However, you are welcome to contact the UK JET Office and ask to speak to the Programme Coordinator, should you wish to discuss your status as an alternate candidate. It is the candidate’s responsibility to keep the UK JET Office informed of any changes in their personal circumstances or contact details. Please note that placements for promoted candidates may become available at short notice.

8. How will 'alternate candidates' be informed if they have a place?

Alternates offered a place on the JET Programme are informed by telephone; this is why it is so important that you provide the JET Desk with any changes to your contact details. Placements often become available at short notice, and your place will be offered to someone else if we cannot contact you with a placement offer.