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Why Are Some Applicants Rejected?


Please note that it is the strict policy of the sponsors of the JET Programme that feedback cannot be given to unsuccessful applicants.


The UK JET Programme regrettably cannot offer an interview to any candidate who does not meet the minimum eligibility criteria. For more information please see Eligibility Criteria.

Incomplete Applications

Please be aware that every year, a large number of applicants are rejected before the interview stage due to failing to submit a complete application pack in time. All of the applicable documentation must be submitted by the set deadline. Please read and follow all the guidelines listed in Application Pack.

Criminal Records

Applicants with any kind of criminal record more severe than a minor traffic offence, including cautions and arrests, are asked to submit a Police Reply and to explain the circumstances of their criminal record on the application form and on an additional letter if more space is needed. For more information please see Applicants with a Criminal Record. Each application is judged on a case-by-case basis, but applications may be rejected at the discretion of the JET Programme.


The application screening process is competitive. Please ensure that you allow yourself time to present yourself to the best of your ability when completing your application.  Please check your spelling and grammar in all the documents of your application before submission. If possible, we strongly recommend taking your application / personal statement to your university careers office and asking them to proofread it and to offer suggestions on how it may be improved.
Please remember to stress the experiences that are of most relevance to the JET Programme. The UK JET Programme understands that many applicants may have quite limited experience in work, teaching and international exchange. Please be assured that many other factors are also taken into account. We warmly invite you to apply. For more information, please see Application FAQs.


Interviews are formal, and candidates are asked to wear business attire. Candidates are asked to think ahead about their interview and to present themselves to the best of their ability. What are your motivations for applying to the JET Programme? What do you know about being an ALT / CIR? Interviews are competitive, and your attitude will be taken into consideration. There will also be a short English test that all candidates are asked to complete before the interview. For more information, please see Interview / Selection FAQs.


After the interviews the UK JET Programme makes recommendations about candidates to the JET Programme coordinators in Tokyo. The final decision about candidates always rests with the Programme coordinators. There are circumstances in which the UK JET Programme’s recommendation that a candidate be offered a conditional place may be withdrawn, including:

  1. When a candidate has committed an inappropriate act or there is substantial reason to believe that a candidate is likely to commit an inappropriate act, according to the judgement of the Embassy of Japan in the UK.
  2. When the candidate's application documents contain false statements, especially with regard to medical histories and criminal histories. Please note that even crimes of a minor nature must be reported, including any charges and arrests - except for minor traffic offences.
  3. When the necessary post-interview documentation, e.g. Reply Form, Certificate of Health, is not submitted by the set deadlines.
  4. When a short-list candidate who has dual nationality with Japan does not renounce his / her Japanese nationality before submitting the Reply Form.
  5. If it becomes clear at a later date that a candidate or participant does not meet the eligibility criteria.
  6. When a candidate cannot leave for Japan on the designated departure date.
  7. When a candidate does not attend the Pre-Departure Orientation and has not sought permission to be absent.
  8. Please note: We expect candidates who have been selected to participate on the JET Programme to act in a professional manner at all times between now and departure to Japan. This includes adhering to deadlines set by the JET Desk, keeping the JET Desk updated regarding your situation and contact details and acting in an appropriate manner at all JET Programme events. Please consider this advice very carefully in order to avoid ultimate disappointment in your JET Programme candidacy.

With regards to the recruitment and application process of the JET Programme, the Tokyo District Court has exclusive jurisdiction for all legal matters. The governing law will be Japanese law.

We ask for your patience in reading through all the instructions.

100% complete! If you started at the beginning and read through all the information on every page, you have finished reading the application guidelines. Please refer to them throughout the application process to be sure of following procedures correctly.