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Academic Transcripts

Key Points

  • Please allow at least one month to obtain this, as your university may take time to prepare and authenticate the documentation.
  • The document must be an original, on university-headed paper. It should be signed and stamped (with an official university ink stamp) by a person with authority to give such information.

FOR FINAL YEAR STUDENTS: Your academic transcript must also list ALL modules to be taken in your final year - including those not yet completed / taken. In the case that your university is unable to supply you with an authenticated, original transcript for modules yet to be taken, a letter written by the university registrar or your personal tutor would be acceptable as long as it is written on university headed paper and hand-signed with a stamp if possible. If in doubt, please contact the JET Desk.

FOR GRADUATES: You must submit one original document. This can be the supplement, listing all modules taken and marks achieved, that you received with the degree certificate. Or it can be a separate original document on university-headed paper, signed and stamped by a person with authority to give such information. Please be aware that documents containing original university holograms or embossing are acceptable alternatives to stamps.
Please note that original transcripts cannot be returned.

POSTGRADUATE QUALIFICATIONS: Transcripts for postgraduate qualifications are not strictly necessary but are readily accepted. However, applicants with a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree must send the full transcript.

Note on the "HEAR" system of administering transcripts:
We are aware that some UK Universities have adopted an online transcript service known as a HEAR record. Please note we cannot accept online authentication in lieu of a signed, stamped document. If your university uses HEAR, you must print your transcript, and then have it signed and stamped by someone with the authority to do so.


We ask for your patience in reading through all the instructions.


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