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We strongly recommend that applicants direct their chosen referees to this section of the website to ensure that they are made fully aware of our reference criteria.

Key Points

  • References must be specific to your JET application (see below) with a signature on the reference letter AND over the seal of the envelope.
  • Referees can take sometimes as long as three months to prepare a reference for you. Please allow adequate time for this.
  • Do NOT ask friends, family members or family friends for references.
  • The JET Programme CANNOT approach referees to request references. This is the applicant's responsibility.
  • The JET Programme CANNOT return references that have been submitted on your behalf regardless of whether or not your application is successful.
  • References are a key part of the application. Be sure to choose your referees carefully.
  • References must be in English.
  • Do NOT send references separately to the JET Desk. These are to be included in your completed application pack.
  • Please ask each of your referees to include one original along with three photocopies (in total four copies) of his/her reference letter to be included in the signed and sealed envelope.

You are required to obtain TWO references. It is the responsibility of applicants to choose referees that are relevant to their application - the JET Programme cannot offer specific advice regarding referees apart from the guidelines below. To strengthen your application we advise the following:

Final year undergraduate degree students and recent graduates are advised to include either:

ONE academic reference from your university tutor / lecturer AND ONE professional reference from your current or former employer


TWO academic references

If you are not a recent graduate, we would advise that you obtain either:

ONE academic reference from your former university tutor / lecturer AND ONE professional reference from your current or former employer


TWO professional references, each from either a current or former employer

Reference letter content

The JET Programme does not provide reference forms, therefore it is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure referees are aware of the required reference format. Referees should write a standard reference ensuring that they satisfy the points below. The reference should:

  • Be word-processed (or typed)
  • Be addressed to the JET Programme
  • Have the applicant's name in full and spelt correctly
  • Be on headed paper (see Application FAQs for related queries)
  • State the length of time for which the referee has known the applicant
  • State the referee's title and their relationship to the applicant
  • Attempt to address the suitability of the applicant to the JET Programme including the applicant's suitability to live abroad and to work as an Assistant Language Teacher
  • Address the applicant's personality and interests (information regarding extra-curricular activities, if known, is particularly welcome)
  • Discuss the applicant's academic ability in addition to other aspects of the applicant (academic references only)

The referee must sign the reference itself. It must be placed in an envelope, which must then be closed and sealed. The referee must then sign over the seal of the envelope to show that the reference has not been seen or tampered with.

The reference should be sent to the applicant, not directly to the JET Desk. This is so that it can be sent with the applicant's other documents in their application pack. Please do not send us the references, as many applicants wait for their references before applying. Applicants should send their two references together with the rest of their application materials.

Please note that references written by friends, family or friends of the family will lead to automatic disqualification from the application process. Please avoid obtaining references from work colleagues or from anyone else who has not supervised you directly.

If an applicant sends more than two references, two will be randomly chosen and the extra reference(s) will be discarded.


We ask for your patience in reading through all the instructions.


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