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Additional Materials

  • 2 sealed references*:
    • Graduates: 1 academic and 1 professional OR 2 academic OR 2 professional.
    • Current undergraduates: 1 academic and 1 professional OR 2 academic.
  • 1 Personal Medical Statement** from the applicant (if applicable).
  • 1 original copy of Police Reply Form / copy of CRB check*** for applicants with a past arrest / caution / criminal record.
  • 1 stamped, self-addressed postcard/envelope (optional, this will be returned to you to acknowledge receipt of your application).

*Applicants are encouraged to ask their referees to make three photocopies of his/her reference letter to be included in the signed and sealed envelope along with the original.

**May be required to supplement Self-Assessment Medical Report and Statement of Physician. For more details see the bottom of Self-Assessment Medical Report.

*** Applicants with a past arrest / caution / criminal record and having any issues related to the police in the past must provide details on the application form and on a separate covering letter if necessary and submit either a Subject Access Form or a copy of a previous police check detailing the offence(s) by the set deadline. Please see Applicants with a Criminal Record for more details.