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Proof of Nationality

Key Points

  • Do NOT send your original passport. Application materials cannot be returned.
  • ONLY send us a copy of the page with your personal details and photograph.

Applicants must provide proof of UK nationality by sending copies of the appropriate page of their full United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland passport. This should be the page that contains the applicant's personal details and photograph. It is generally the penultimate page or the inside of the back cover. The copies must be clear and legible and the passport must be valid at the time of application. Copies can be in black and white or in colour.

If you are eligible for a full UK passport but do not yet hold one, please do not apply to the JET Programme until you are in possession of the document.

If you are a UK national but currently do not hold a UK passport (e.g. have never travelled abroad) or your UK passport has expired or is close to expiry, please make arrangements to apply for a new one immediately. You must hold a valid passport by the application deadline on the last Friday of November of the year prior to departure to Japan. Four copies of the passport photograph page must be received by the JET Desk before the application deadline. Please note that all applicants will be requested to present a valid passport if called in for an interview during January / February.

If you do not submit photocopies of a full valid United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland passport to the JET Desk by the application deadline, you will be automatically disqualified from the JET Programme application process.


We ask for your patience in reading through all the instructions.


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