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Application Form

  • Application forms are available only during the application intake period (generally between October and the last Friday of November each year).
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply online. If you find that you are unable to apply online, please contact the JET Desk and we will offer you the PDF files.
  • Applicants completing application forms by hand must ensure all documentation is clear and legible.

Detailed information boxes are provided next to each question of the online application form allowing for faster, more accurate completion of the form. Applying online will also allow us to process your application more quickly and ensure that important details will not be lost through illegible writing. Please be sure to print the application forms prior to the application deadline.

Information Regarding Signatures

Every year there are a number of applicants who do not sign the three appropriate sections of the application documents. We cannot accept unsigned applications. Applicants must read the declarations carefully and sign the following three places in each of the four application sets:

  1. Application Declaration (at the end of the application form once it is printed)
  2. Self-Assessment Medical Report Declaration
  3. Authorisation and Release Form

After online submission, please be sure to print the application forms in their entirety so that all pages and signature spaces are available.


We ask for your patience in reading through all the instructions.


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