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Applicants with a Past Arrest / Caution / Conviction

Key Points

  • Applicants with no previous arrests / cautions / convictions do not need to provide additional documentation at the application stage.
  • Applicants with a past arrest / caution / conviction of any type other than a minor road traffic offence (i.e. speeding or parking ticket), including juvenile offences and additional information related to all police matters, must submit additional documentation. The deadline for submission varies each year and, as such, applicants must carefully plan preparations to submit the necessary document by the set deadline.
  • All applications are judged on a case-by case basis.

Further Details

If you have previously obtained a Police Reply / CRB Check that details the offences, please submit 4 photocopies of this document with your application.

If you do not have a Police Reply or a CRB Check detailing the offences, you must request a Police Reply by filling out a Subject Access Request Form (ACRO SAR1). When you receive the Police Reply, you must submit the original and 3 photocopies with your application. Information about obtaining the form can be found by going to this page of the ACRO website and clicking on the relevant link. The Police Reply may take over 40 days to process, therefore applicants should allow plenty of time to obtain the form.

Please be sure to write all details fully explaining the nature and circumstances of your caution / arrest / charge / conviction on your application. If you require additional space, you may provide a covering letter with your application. Be sure to include juvenile offences and all additional information relating to all police matters.

Please note that even if cautions or convictions are regarded as spent, it is still likely that they will be recorded on a Police Reply. Applicants should ensure that they declare all arrests / cautions / convictions in their original application, even those which they believe to have been expunged or otherwise removed from their record, in order to avoid disappointment in April / May (see below).

All successful applicants are required to submit a Police Reply in April / May. Any discrepancy between information provided in a candidate's application and this document will result in automatic disqualification from the JET Programme.

Please contact the JET Desk should you wish to discuss any issues mentioned here.
All calls are strictly confidential.



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